2014-15 Climate/Instruction Parent/Guardian Survey

Hello BDMS Parents/Guardians,

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Please take a moment to complete our 2014-15 BDMS Climate/Instruction survey (click on the link below).

2014-15 Climate/Instruction Survey (Parents/Guardians)


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The Diamond Report

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Hello Students and Parents,

Please review this week's updates from BDMS by clicking on the link below.


Flu Information

We would like you to protect yourself and your family against all flu viruses. Here are some ways to stop the spread of germs and sickness. Please click here for some flu information and helpful tips. Flu Information 2014

REACH Prevention Specialist

The REACH Prevention Specialist is on site to help students in the following areas;

  • Engage disconnected students
  • Teach & reinforce relevant behaviors
  • Elevate & sustain positive school participation
  • Prevent & resolve student conflicts
  • Work with students to form strong & meaningful personal relationships
  • See that students function with the order of their school

For more information please click here

Parent Teen Outline-Spanish

REACH Parent Project

REACH Skills 6-8th grade

Adolescent Treatment



Please click on the "report card" below if you would like more information about BDMS SARC.

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Student Safety Tips for Parents/Guardians

ATTENTION Parents/Guardians:  Please review the following items with your child(ren) (info obtained from AUSD website).

  • Know everything you can about your children's activities and their friends. Monitor children's activities and participate with them. Don't allow children to play alone in isolated areas.
  • Teach your children about strangers AND to be aware of unusual behavior in people they know. Teach them to listen to their feelings and that it is okay to say no if any adults (including family members) ask them to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Teach your children to refuse anything from strangers, including money, gifts or rides. Know where new items come from.
  • Teach your children how to safely answer the phone if they are at home alone such as stating the adult in the house is "unavailable" to come to the phone.
  • Teach your children to keep a safe distance from strangers and not to give strangers directions for help, finding lost pets, etc. Adults need to get help from other adults.
  • Teach children to use the buddy system when walking home from school, sports activities, etc. The age-old rule of there's safety in numbers is a primary safety precaution.
  • Use secret codes with your children (for use to positively identify each other or to ask for help).
  • Teach your children (including teens) to check first with you before going anywhere. Children need to let parents know where they are going, how they will get there, who will be going along with them, and when they will return home.
  • Develop a family plan stressing where to meet if lost, when you are away from home. Do not have children meet you in the parking lot. Inside the store, shopping mall or amusement park are much safer places to meet. Teach them their phone number AND area code.
  • Do not place your children's names on their clothing or on the outside of their possessions.
  • Teach your children to say NO to anyone attempting to touch them on the part(s) of their bodies covered by a swimming suit.
  • Teach your children to say NO, then GET AWAY, and TELL SOMEONE if a person bothers them.
  • Join with other concerned parents to set up safety systems for your neighborhood.
  • Teach your children about appropriate and inappropriate secrets and that some secrets have to be told if children and parents are to be kept safe.

Provided by SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect) a program of the National Children's Advocacy Center Huntsville, Alabama


SATURDAY, MAY 9 at Pittsburg High school. 8:00 am - 4:00. Please come join us and don't miss out.

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2015-16 Band and Orchestra Sign Ups

Attention all current BDMS 6th and 7th graders and current 5th graders from Dragon, Grant and London Elementary Schools: If you would like to save your spot in our award-winning advanced band or orchestra or if you want to learn a new instrument in beginning band or orchestra next year, please fill out the online survey/application by clicking the link below.  There is no G.P.A. requirement in order to apply. No experience necessary!



Procedures for Classroom Visits

Due to a recent incident on campus involving some adults,  we feel the need to tighten our policy for adults/parents visiting on campus. Please click here to read our new  Procedures for Classroom Visits.docx

BDMS Well Represented @ Board Meeting 09.10.2014

BDMS Cafeteria Corner

Starting next week, the Cafeteria will be awarding “Diamond Express Lunch Passes.”  Students who earn this pass will be entitled to get in front of the lunch line!  It is so easy to earn the pass – show respect and kindness, observe cafeteria rules, and just be on your best behavior!  Everyday, only 5 passes will be given per grade.  Be a good Miner and get ahead!

Black Diamond's 4 Schoolwide Rules

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BDMS Events

Today: 5/23/15

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Black Diamond Middle School Mission

Black Diamond Middle School has a unique school culture that embraces


The six pillars of character: respect, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, responsibility, citizenship


We are a place that values diversity, where students are active participants and feel a sense of belonging and pride. Miners learn to be responsible for the success for themselves and others.


Students understand the importance of learning and have a desire to achieve to the best of their ability.  They receive support in their academic endeavors and learn to be critical thinkers.


We prepare students for success in high school, college, careers, and to make positive contributions to society.

Whole Child

Miners are well-rounded individuals with opportunities to develop their bodies and minds through sports, clubs, electives, and other extra-curricular activities.

Contact Information

Phyllis James


Denise Pesmark

Vice Principal

Ken Daniels

Vice Principal

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